The secret is to blend, blend, blend.

I need all the help I can lay my hands on, I’m heavy-handed with the BB cream and for the life of me, I cannot blend blusher, resulting in a ‘Jackson Pollock’  masterpiece on my face.
I had an opportunity to have a  Bobbi Brown makeup artists to demonstrate “How to do” full coverage look, sitting in the big chair I was amazed at all of the product and tools, which was needed, gasping with shock when she explains this was just the skincare plan. Bobbi Brown has designed a skincare range which is suitable for long lasting makeup, the creams and oils felt nice on the skin, the lip balm was lush, keeping my lips moisturise and smooth all day long (will be getting this). While the skincare was not to my liking, caught sight of my reflection in evening, and the makeup was still on.
DSC_0232 (2).JPG
Now relax and chatting like good friends, Adeola (Yes, we are on the first name term) the magic starts, within a blink of an eye foundation and bronzer is completed and we need to pick which colour for the blush. She show me how to put blush on and tells me less is more, she made it look easy, so jealous. I go for a bright red for the lips, which instantly adds a sexy and glam feel. Tidy up brows with a pencil and a pinch shade to define the shape, I am stunned to notice how it open up my face and how young I look, finishing touches, classic black eyeliner and lower lid.
I find the whole experience beneficially, passion and knowledge were showed through the day by staff, they made me feel welcome and nothing was too much, would defiantly go back again.
DSC_0249 (1).JPG

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