I have lost count how many time people ask me “how can you afford to go away so often” the secret is I travel on a budget.
I am lucky enough to travel when it suits me (i do not have children or a partner) which mean I avoid school holiday, travelling solely can make hotels expensive so I generally stay in hostels.
For me, travelling is about learning and discover a culture, going to museums, eating good food and relaxing in parks which make hostel perfect me as I just need a bed, shower and friendly staff.

As I want to see the world I do not mind where I go, a preference I may have is climate, city or beach holiday. Which make location easy to decide, Skyscanner is a great site to use for cheap flights and normally have cheap monthly deals to a number of cool destinations.

HostelWorld is an easy site is to use and offers lots of options to find hostels and the review section is easy to navigate. There are times when hotels work out better quality such as Scandinavia countries, UK or NY, also if you have booked cheap flights why not splash out on a nice hotel (you only live once). When picking accommodation think about location, is it close to the sites you wish to visit or will you need to travel daily to get to the town centre or to the beach, in the long run, it is best to be in the heart of the action, however when I was in Beijing  I use public transport every day because it is such a big city and not possible to walk to any tourist attraction.



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